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Probate and Trust Administration

Transferring Property After Death:

Whenever a person dies with property titled solely in his or her individual name, someone must be granted legal authority to transfer that property out of the name of the deceased person (the “decedent”) and into the name of the new owners. In most cases, the probate court will appoint someone to serve as “personal representative” (sometimes also referred to as an “executor” or “administrator”) to gather the decedent’s assets, pay taxes and other liabilities, and ultimately distribute the remaining property to those entitled. If a person dies with property titled in the name of a living trust, the property in that trust will be administered and distributed by the successor trustee according to the terms of the trust document…generally without court involvement.


For Experienced Estate & Trust Services:

The law office of Attorney Paul Vaidya is fully equipped to handle all types of probate cases including proceedings involving wills, trusts, and estates. Mr. Vaidya routinely provides legal counsel to personal representatives in estate proceedings and thoroughly guides them through the complex probate process from beginning to end. Similarly, Mr. Vaidya advises clients regarding the duties and responsibilities of trustees in the administration and distribution of trust assets. His probate services also include representing trustees and trust beneficiaries in court proceedings concerning the settlement, modification, or termination of trusts; as well as in proceedings to remove or otherwise dispute the actions of a trustee. Clients greatly benefit from Mr. Vaidya’s passion for probate cases and his many years of probate experience.

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