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Guardianships and Conservatorships

A guardian is a person or agency appointed by the probate court to make important decisions for someone who cannot make informed decisions on his or her own behalf. The court may appoint a guardian for a minor child if a guardian is needed to take on the role of a parent. The court may appoint a guardian for an adult if the adult is disabled or incapacitated and the court finds that a guardianship is necessary. In certain situations, the court may take other measures to protect the individual’s estate, such as appointing a court-supervised fiduciary (i.e. “conservator”), to manage the individual’s property and financial affairs if the individual is incapable of protecting his or her own assets.


On a regular basis, Attorney Paul Vaidya handles cases involving minor child guardianships & conservatorships, adult guardianships & conservatorships, and related protective proceedings at the probate court. Mr. Vaidya is well known for his extensive work in these areas and has developed considerable expertise with respect to guardianship and conservatorship proceedings. He has the knowhow and proven experience necessary to ably assist anyone seeking to appoint a guardian and/or conservator, contest the appointment of a guardian/conservator, or modify or terminate an existing guardianship/conservatorship. In addition to representing guardians and conservators in court proceedings, Mr. Vaidya himself has served as a court-appointed guardian and is therefore uniquely qualified to advise others regarding guardianship services, guardianship duties and responsibilities, and the legal consequences of appointing a guardian.


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